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Persian wedding tradition, despite its local and regional variations, Sri Lankan Moors celebrates the wedding with added Islam customs. East Asian customs

Asian weddings have a host of rituals, ceremonies and customs which add so much to making them so unique, rich and special. However, they can also make an Asian

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Wedding Toasts + Traditions. Blending wedding traditions of the bride and groom We have wedding ceremony ideas and etiquette for any tradition: Asian weddings

Wedding ceremonies in every Asian country, as in most countries around the world, are rich with culture and tradition. Find out what makes some of these

Japanese Wedding Traditions . most Japanese also include a cultural sake-sharing tradition at the wedding, Traditions Wedding Ideas + Etiquette Japanese Asian.

Traditional Asian Weddings it is an Asian wedding tradition that the bride spends the day before her wedding in seclusion with her nearest and dearest friends.

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The Asian wedding tradition of honoring the ancestors developed from Buddhist roots but is incorporated into many Asian Catholic parishes in honor of saints

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Wedding ceremony: The final ritual In modern weddings, the bride generally picks red (following Chinese tradition) or white (more Western) for the

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Asian culture is rich with various wedding traditions. Japan In Japan, weddings are normally held in spring and fall in chapels or shrines. It is interesting to note

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