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Why Are So Many Teen teens Depressed? teens being pressured to have sex, levels of discomfort and pain simply because of that reason. “Now,

Jan 14, 2014 · Skeptics of Facebook’s business model have long pointed to anecdotal evidence that the social network is losing its luster with teens as evidence that the

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Right now, 16 million people in about 87 people die because of cigarette smoking. (1) And no matter how many teens say they’ll quit tobacco whenever they

More female teens than males have attempted or considered suicide, the survey found. The rate was highest among Hispanic females, at 13.5%,

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Fewer U.S. teens are driving, a factor now being incorporated into U.S and because many have chosen to live in ways that require less time behind the wheel of a

Heroin use among white suburban teens grows because its “no big deal.” A little over a year ago, I was at an event where I was representing the newspaper at which I

Oct 09, 2014 · The teens are believed to be married, But reports also said the teens don’t feel they can flee because too many people now associate them with ISIS

Teens More Stressed-Out Than Adults, The agency’s Stress in America survey found that 30 percent of teens reported feeling sad or depressed because of stress and

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But teens who attempt suicide and the Youth Suicide Prevention Program began in 1995 the number of suicides and the rate were both higher than they are now

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Teens Tell Truth About Sex. Comment; Share; these statistics are all very interesting—and right now parents may be And because many teens have gotten the

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